当名画成为广告商的宠儿 What If Ads Were Famous Paintings?

By 七月 18, 2017创意设计, 品牌战略

Fine art has been a bottomless source of inspiration for a lot of advertisers. Of course, some of the results would make the artist-creator cry, while others are great, award-winning examples. We got 3 for you.


The ‘Portraits Completed’ 


This year Kiwi shoes playful campaign ‘Portraits Completed’ won the Cannes Lions Gran Prix, the Oscar of advertising. Ogilvy Chicago agency imagined and painted the bottom half of famous artworks from Vermeer’s Girl with a pearl earring to Van Gogh’s Self-portrait and Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

What’s interesting is that the campaign extends beyond the print work—the agency also organized an exhibition with a humorous audio tour and partnered with a museum app to bring it across the world.


Van Gogh Bnb


Another Cannes Lions winner—2016 campaign by Leo Burnett creatives promoting an exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago, to get people closer to art.

How would you like to spend a night in a masterpiece? The campaign recreated Van Gogh’s ‘Yellow Room’ as a fully functioning bedroom, available to visitors through a listing on Airbnb. The campaign led to the highest attendance of exhibition in 15 years.


The Next Rembrandt 


JWT Amsterdam project for a Dutch multinational banking group ING also scooped 9 awards at Cannes Lions 2016. ‘The Next Rembrandt’ made in collaboration with Microsoft, is a 3D-printed painting created by a computer from a deep analysis of Dutch master’s work.

In addition to being effective advertising, the technology developed is now used for restoration of damaged and partially lost masterpieces.


Bonus: “OMG, Who Stole My Ads?


说到世界名画,不得不谈到一个创意:“居然有人偷我的广告”。2014年,法国艺术家Etienne Lavie把巴黎广告栏的作品换成了经典名画。
Talking about classical art masterpieces in advertising we couldn’t help ourselves and included a bonus project. In 2014 a French artist Etienne Lavie digitally replaced advertisements on Paris billboards with classical paintings.

The project sparked controversial debates and media titles like ‘If Ads Were Replaced With Classical Artworks, The World Would Be A Beautiful Place’.

Three years later, the trend is here: it’s not enough to reimagine a classical work in an ad context anymore, the best ads of today create interactive experiences and bring value beyond efficiency.



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