阿迪达斯教如何建立品牌期望值 | Adidas Teaches How to Build Desirability

By August 16, 2017Branding, Marketing Strategy


At PLTFRM, we believe that Desirability, Credibility, and Resonance are the three pillars of an effective branding strategy. How can a brand be attractive to both potential partners and consumers, when millennials are becoming the new ‘driving force’ for businesses? Very often, desirability has a lot to do with the so called “Fear of Missing Out” (FOMO), the pervasive anxiety – quite popular among Millennials – of not being part of worthwhile experiences others are having.


Many brands use FOMO strategically, to increase the success of their marketing efforts and create a desire for their products. As Adidas case shows, when implemented right, this strategy can bring the ‘beyond expectation’ results. Last year, the sports brand launched a limited edition three stripes model, in limited colors, and available in Shanghai and Beijing only, where each color’s stock was only 1,000 units. Before the launch, the brand played on a strategy of massive gifting to celebrities, but no stock in the stores. On the launch day, they decided to sell 20 units only for each color to create “hunger”. This strategy, which is not new to the brand, plays on the FOMO psychology to successfully build desirability. As a result, the brand gained, even more, popularity among Chinese consumers, translated into an outstanding sales performance.

今年,阿迪达斯又玩出了新花样。为了给品牌与Alexander Wang(王大仁)联名合作系列的发布造势,阿迪达斯选择了一个特殊的渠道来激发消费者的好奇心——贴广告。7月29日,大幅海报出现在纽约周边,上面没有产品照片和酷炫的模特,只有一串串产品编码和短信号码。怎么购买?把想要的商品件数发到917-512-7715。

This year, to add some magic to its second unisex collaboration with Alexander Wang, Adidas Original chose a different channel to build desire through curiosity: printed advertising. On July 29, posters appeared around New York City with coded line sheets and the number to text — 917-512-7715 — to buy pieces via text.



The web is now full of testimonials that have tried the “Text-to-Buy” experience and shared it online. Their stories go more or less like this:

“When I texted early this afternoon, I got an instant reply from an in-character chatbot: ‘Where’d u get this number? Are u in front of the posters? Txt me item codes of what u want.’ I wasn’t in front of a poster, so I tried just asking for the sweatpants. My chatbot was not having it, so I used the only code I could make out from an Instagram post, CV5051, for a neon long-sleeved T-shirt. No dice there either.’Sorry, that’s gone. That color went fast. I got it in a different color tho. What about black? I know I got at least one left. “


We are all expecting Adidas to take the concept to China.


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