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September 2017

Business or pleasure? What makes a successful homestay brand

By | Branding, Creative Design, Marketing Strategy

Golden Week is approaching, and the popularity wave of homestay/B&Bs is once again in our focus. Let’s look at these homestays in Moganshan, the birthplace of the market in China, from the branding perspective. 

Over the past 5 years, along with emerging ‘boutique accommodation’ represented best by Moganshan’s Naked Stables, the tastes of Chinese millennial travelers has changed dramatically. The market is entering a new stage—when simply relying on location is not enough, branding comes in.

Competition in Moganshan intensifies and for homestay owners, it’s not a question of raising the number of guests anymore, it’s about survival during this new market shift. Homestays, that enjoy a certain level of brand awareness, go further creating chains. What should smaller players do to leave the market battlefield as winners?

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Rebranding In Five Questions

By | Branding

When you know it’s time for a rebranding move.

Rebranding happens constantly and does not only concern the company’s look and feel, but encompasses value 
proposition and core belief as well. Most of the time, as consumers, we don’t notice the change, unless it’s 
a serious makeover. It’s like having a new hair cut: everybody notices something’s different about your look, 
but because it suits you naturally, can’t really pin what has exactly changed.
Other times, rebranding represents a more substantial effort than, say, changing a logo or corporate font, 
perhaps aiming to shift the consumers’ perception or to show a company’s progression with an evolving market. 
Here are five questions you need to ask yourself before embarking on this journey.

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