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March 2018

If Weibo Closes, Where Will Brands Put Their Ads?

By | Branding, Creative Copywriting, Digital Communication, Insight, Marketing Strategy

Digital landscape in China is changing and navigating between different players to use different platforms’ strengths at the advantage of a brand is not an easy task. Despite media’s attacks on Weibo, it continues to add monthly active users at 25% rate every year. Today, PLTFRM shares with you why a new brand, establishing its social media presence in China from zero should start with Weibo. Read More

2018 Olympics Marketing. Why Not Everyone Can Do It

By | Branding, Creative Copywriting, Marketing Strategy

The Olympics serve as one of the most visible global marketing stages, but not every brand can use this promotion opportunity. If the company doesn’t splurge on sponsorship, the Rule 40, a bylaw in the Olympics Charter, prevents it from riding the Olympics hype train. As Adweek explained, it means for instance,  that a brand cannot as much as mention ‘Olympics’, or ‘Team USA’, and best not even to use “Pyeongchang” in social media and other marketing channels during the Games not to get into hot waters.

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Beyond Amazon Go: what are the supermarkets of the future

By | Branding, Digital Communication, Marketing Strategy

Amazon Go and Alibaba stores On January 22,  the long-awaited Amazon Go store finally opened in Seattle, making a grocery shopping revolution: no lines, no cashiers, just walk-out technology all sounds like the future has already arrived. To shop, you’ll need to scan a QR code from the Amazon Go app entering the store, and after that the app will do the work fo you. Once you pick something up, it’s automatically added to your virtual Amazon shopping cart and removed from it, if you change your mind. Thanks to ‘just walk out technology’, the store will automatically charge your Amazon account, once you’ve finished shopping and leave Amazon Go.

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Out of Their League? Leonardo DiCaprio’s Endorsement of Youxin

By | Branding, Creative Copywriting, Insight, Marketing Strategy

Leonardo DiCaprio’s career trajectory has taken a new twist, unexpected to the actor’s fans: he’s the new brand ambassador for the Chinese used car website Youxin. The campaign, featuring a non-speaking role of DiCaprio, rolled out at prime time—during Winter Olympics on China Central Television’s sports and movie channels, and now you see Leo’s face on the elevator ad-screens and billboards. PLTFRM creatives has given a look at this piece of news from a branding perspective.

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