Case Study: Rebrand to Stand Out

By December 4, 2017Branding, Creative Design, Insight

Among Chinese cities, Shanghai is number one in terms of coffee culture, with number of coffee shops increasing each year. By the end of 2016, this number reached 5567 shops. Here’s how PLTFRM team rebranded BigSur new store, to stand out in such a fierce competition.

Visual identity upgrade

PLTFRM designers kept the original logo of the Grizzly, modifying the brand font and colors to balance original brand elements with a new more modern simplicity. Fluorescent colors give the brand a distinctive urban look.

For the new coffee cups design, PLTFRM took the inspiration from the BigSur coffee and tea origins, including coffee trees, leaves and other elements. These elements became a background for ‘feel-good messages’, aimed to create a connection with the coffee lovers who grab a cup on the way to work.

Interior space redesign

Unlike the coffee shops that try to hard to emphasize its ‘character’ with design, BigSur aims to create a distinctive identity, and to be associated with a kind of ‘chilling vibes’. For this reason we opted to get away from the ‘fierce design solutions’, to make the most of the limited space, visually enlarging it with dominant white colour. Copper, marble and wood became the main materials to put on accents and enhance the overall texture. With such distinctive, but unobtrusive design, the place invites customers to enjoy their favourite drinks, pleasant conversations and feel the moment.

We used copper and other metals to increase the sense of line and texture, considering the natural lightning that metal reflects, visually creating a more complex space look.

Letting more light in is a must for limited spaces, so our designers abandoned the heavy, pressing elements in lightning, opting for a white as main colour, with red copper and other metallic accents. We went with industrial-style light bulbs for the auxiliary lightning.

We believe that dealing with hectic urban lifestyle and it’s downsides like information overload, it’s important to have public spaces where you can disconnect a little, surrounded by appealing, yet unobtrusive design.

Among China’s cities, for many years now Shangai holds its first rankings as the ‘coffee lovers city’, with number of coffee shops increasing each year. According to ‘China’s Coffee Industry Report”, by the end of 2016, there were 5567 coffee shops in Shanghai. That’s 1800 more spots than in Beijing, which ranks the 2nd, not to mention Guangzhou.To compete in such a tough market, coffee shop owners use every tool at their disposal to attract more customers, and design is one powerful weapon.


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