Case Study: Wines of Chile invites a lucky couple to the life-changing trip

By October 25, 2017Branding

As Wines of Chile branding agency in China, at the beginning of August, PLTFRM planned a second promotion, themed ‘Couple trip to Chile’. At the first stage of the 3-months campaign, we made a call for action to cast the couple at Miaopai. This initial ‘mini-campaign’alrealy reached 100m+ people, raising as well the engagement rate for the following promotions.

Eyes on the new campaign
#Love Wine, Love Chile#


We are pleased to be working with Wines of Chile for the second time. After the success of last year campaign, the client entrusted us with a more challenging task. Next month, our team together with the lucky couple, who won a trip to Chile, will embark on a journey to the fascinating country to shoot a series of promo videos.

Chile is a country of contrasts, and we are going to capture its beauty, passing through amazing landscapes of Atacama desert, colourful Valparaiso city, vibrant capital Santiago, and of course, numerous valleys, where the best wines the country has to offer are born. We are as excited as the winner couple, who got the chance to explore this amazing country, dubbed as ‘wine paradise’.



#Couple’s trip to Chile# campaign


With the first campaign for Wines of Chile, which we carried out last year, the association aimed not only to establish a strong positioning of their wines in the minds of Chinese consumers, but also to deepen the audience’s knowledge about Chile. This video series campaign is a next step further in this direction.

During the last year’s digital campaign, our market research revealed three major trends:

  1. Millennials are the force driving online sales: according to the report by CBNData and Tmall, 80-90s generation of consumers contributes to 70% of online sales of alcohol;
  2. Foreign wine brands continue to be the preferable choice, compared to domestically-produced wine;
  3. There’s a growing tendency of female wine drinkers, who are curious about trying new products.

Considering the data, we are targeting the ‘Chile couple trip’ campaign at young wine lovers, whose first choice social media channels are Miaopai and Weibo.


Preparation and casting


On August 22nd, the ‘mini-campaign’ aimed to cast the right couple, started on Miaopai and Weibo. For the 10-second videos, our team designed a special ‘AR interface”.Over the 2 weeks period, the campaign appeared in the ‘hot topic’section of Miaopao. At the same time, we also collaborated with KOL in lifesyle, travel, fashion and other spheres, to enhance the effect of the promotion: in just one day it reached 6 million Weibo users, pushing the #Love wine, love Chile# topic into the 3rd place in travel section ranking. In one month, the campaign reached nearly 100m users and we received more than 420 quality submissions.

Meet us at the end of the world


For this ‘couple trip’ campaign, Wines of Chile representatives themselves selected the winners from more several hundreds couple submissions, based on their knowledge of wine and desire to explore Chile. Spoiler alert: this will be more than just a romantic trip ‘to the end of the world’, it may literally be a life-changing experience. That’s all we can say for now, for more details you’d have to wait for these series to go online early December.


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