Rebranding In Five Questions

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When you know it’s time for a rebranding move.

Rebranding happens constantly and does not only concern the company’s look and feel, but encompasses value 
proposition and core belief as well. Most of the time, as consumers, we don’t notice the change, unless it’s 
a serious makeover. It’s like having a new hair cut: everybody notices something’s different about your look, 
but because it suits you naturally, can’t really pin what has exactly changed.
Other times, rebranding represents a more substantial effort than, say, changing a logo or corporate font, 
perhaps aiming to shift the consumers’ perception or to show a company’s progression with an evolving market. 
Here are five questions you need to ask yourself before embarking on this journey.

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企业对企业(B2B)金融机构如何塑造品牌?| How to Brand B2B Financial Institutions

By | Branding, Creative Design, Digital Communication, Marketing Strategy


Commercial and investment banks, hedge funds, investment and insurance brokers— no matter their specialty, segment or expertise, all rely on their untarnished reputation of integrity. Without a decent reputation, trust, credibility, loyalty is gone and without it, the most basic financial exchange is impossible.

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中国奢侈品消费者年轻人在想什么?| Chinese Luxury Consumers Redefined

By | Branding, Digital Communication, Insight, Marketing Strategy


China luxury market keeps evolving fast. What do brands need to know to keep up with a new generation of consumers?

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阿迪达斯教如何建立品牌期望值 | Adidas Teaches How to Build Desirability

By | Branding, Marketing Strategy


At PLTFRM, we believe that Desirability, Credibility, and Resonance are the three pillars of an effective branding strategy. How can a brand be attractive to both potential partners and consumers, when millennials are becoming the new ‘driving force’ for businesses? Very often, desirability has a lot to do with the so called “Fear of Missing Out” (FOMO), the pervasive anxiety – quite popular among Millennials – of not being part of worthwhile experiences others are having.

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在中国,品牌是营销者的孩子 Why Brands Should Listen to Marketers in China

By | Branding, Digital Communication, Marketing Strategy

China is a complex market, where the attractive sales potential comes hand in hand with tremendous challenges for Western companies. Surprisingly, the industry is full of customers that – sometimes consciously – ignore all the cultural nuances, political issues, and business insights that come with an entry strategy.
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