How Big Brands Achieved Big Sales Win?

With Double 11, the biggest shopping craze behind us, and another “Double” approaching quickly, PLTFRM analyses brands’ performance in this year’s shopping feast and what are the implications for brands with high commercial conversion rates.
The world’s biggest online shopping day on Nov. 11 has ended with a new record sales of 213.5 billion yuan for Tmall, with 237 brands joined the “100 million yuan Club” ranks by the daily transaction volume.
For all the merchants, Double 11 is undoubtedly a good opportunity to enhance brand awareness, and overall positive feel among the customers. Facing the Tmall’s final score list in this e-commerce battle with over 180,000 brands competing, what troubles the minds of merchants is how a brand becomes “number one player” in sales, while other brands’ commercial conversion rate is not satisfactory.The power of the brand is undoubtedly huge. In the era of new media, brand is not only the intellectual possession and endorsement of trust, but also the largest traffic pool. By gaining fans’ attention and sticking to followers, brand can obtain endless flow of traffic, which can eventually be converted into purchasing power. Therefore, brand building is the top priority, in order to let the target customers take the initiative to get close to you.
Brand building & brand positioning
The most important step in brand building is to find the correct brand positioning, which is equivalent to the injection of soul into the brand. It gives the brand a distinctive goal, vision and the foundation to be established in the market. Dyson’s performance with over 100 million sales on the Double 11 this year is a good example.In 2012, Dyson formally entered China, where the small household appliance market was crowded to say the least. At that time, Dyson faced the challenge of competing with Midea, Panasonic, Philips, FLYCO and other brands to seize the market. Dyson cleverly aimed at China’s 300 million middle class, taking advantage of consumers’ irrational consumption psychology, and positioned itself as a luxury goods of the household appliance industry. As a result, Dyson has become a luxury in the hands of a few people, rather than a mass-market item that most people can afford. At the same time, Dyson has strengthened consumers’ brand recognition as “the Apple of household appliances” by virtue of its beautiful appearance, strong sense of design and good user experience.

During the Double 11 in 2016, when most brands focused on “big promotion” as the communication point, Dyson took “Let’s get more technical this Double 11″ as the slogan, because if the main theme is “Annual Lowest price” is not consistent with Dyson’s brand image. This strategy has made Dyson the Top4 brand of Tmall Double 11 small household appliance products in 2017, and successfully entered the “100 million yuan Club”. This year, Dyson won again! The pre-sale mode of Dyson Airwrap’s curling iron was started long before the Double 11, with a limited number of 200 pieces per day. For several consecutive days, the official store of Tmall was running out in seconds every day, laying a good foundation for Double 11 to become the best-seller.Tmall Double 11 has entered its 10th year. In the upsurge of consumption upgrading, “stock clearance” and “promotion” are obviously no longer the sought-after keywords, replaced by “quality”, “smart-” and other words representing the willingness of the consumers to pay for experience, quality, and premium brands.After systematic and coherent brand building, it is necessary to retain old customers and cultivate new customers through thought-through marketing moves, and users gathered in all channels will eventually be unified into the brand.

New channels & content marketing

With the rise of the new generation of consumers, the young group born in the 1980s and 1990s has become the main force of consumption, especially in the internet shopping festivals such as Double 11. Accurately grasping the consumption demand and psychology of young people, diversified communication and interaction forms have become the key to the sales profit of many brands.

In terms of the diversification of communication channels and marketing contents, CHANDO, a domestic beauty brand, whose sales on Double 11 ranked the first among cosmetic products undoubtedly gave an example.

Before the Double 11 started, CHANDO created #Chando·I am a rare species# topic, spreading the marketing influence to the social platform, triggering consumer discussion and expectations, and strengthening brand awareness and brand penetration.

At the product level, CHANDO tried to exchange traffic through cross-industry collaborations. Brands like Wang Wang , HUGGIES are combined to launch Wang  Wang Snow Cookie + air cushion BB, “CHANDO Wang facial mask” and “diaper mask”, which refresh consumers’ notions of traditional cosmetics.

On Nov. 2nd, CHANDO began to “light up” the large screen of the Shanghai Bund Landmark, occupying land page screen of popular apps such as Taobao, Douyin, Youku, Baidu, and also invited nearly 100 KOLs for the brand diffusion depth, which has caused a lot of netizens to pay attention and spread the brand influence to the extreme in a short time.

Then, Bai Yu, the spokesperson of CHANDO mask, appeared in Tmall Double 11 evening party, combined with 3D mask interaction and other innovative advertising forms and overran the whole evening party, laying the foundation for the sales volume of over 100 million yuan in 58 minutes.

In the highly fragmented information age, in order to grasp the eyes of young generation, unique, innovative and topical promotional materials are essential. The brand should make good use of important time nodes to carry out efficient integration of resources and enhance the brand’s exposure, so that the sound volume and sales volume of the products are continuously pulled and upgraded.

Now, Double 11 has evolved into a concentrated display and upgrade of brand creativity, marketing strategy, service and influence. In the context of increasingly young consumer groups and increasingly diverse consumer demand, it is imperative for brands to to identify brand positioning, strengthen brand building, and then find the most appropriate marketing strategy, and actively embrace new trends, in order to become a leader in the new retail era.

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