If ofo and Mobike merged, this could be their logo

By October 24, 2017Creative Design
Technode may have started the whole ‘Mofo’ thing, joking about Mobike and Ofo merger in their April 1st article, but recently a new wave of merger information has flooded the Internet. PLTFRM’s creatives could not stand aside and put their energy into creating several designs of what Mobile and OfO logo could like after the merger.

Ok, jokes aside, scroll down to enjoy PLTFRM’s designs.


According to Bloomberg, the investors of Mobike and Ofo are in early talks about the merger. Backed by China’s two biggest internet giants—Alibaba and Tencent, the companies have started a bike-sharing revolution. Fierce brand war, however, is costly and exhausting. A ‘truce at home’, while complicated, could benefit the two companies in their global expansion efforts in the U.S., Europe and other parts of Asia and allow them to cut back on the number of bikes flooding the streets.

In China, this merger story seems familiar for a reason: in 2015 Alibaba and Tencent already played out similar mergers with Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache becoming Didi Chuxing, which drove Uber out of China, and Meituan merging with Dianping the same year.

Mobike nor Ofo have said that they are interested in a merger. At yesterday’s event, Zhu Xiao Hu, the CEO of CSR Ventures assured the merger news were rumors as well. With these designs, we wanted to prepare you for the ‘Mofo’ reality, if the two companies do merge one day.

Direction one— ‘Mobike embraces Ofo’


This is a more familiar, conservative design. PLTFRM designers have built upon both companies’ existing visual elements, tweaking subtle details. The bicycle wheels on the original Mobike logo picture are very thin, while Ofo’s letters on their own evoke the image of a bicycle. This direction’s design is very close to the original, and evokes the feeling of ‘Mobike embracing Ofo’.

This is how ‘Mofobike’ App could look like



Direction 2— ‘It’s all about connection’

For this direction, PLTFRM team played with the concept of ‘connection’, hoping this logo can leave a strong first impression, as a ‘playful identity with layers of additional meanings’. To achieve this effect, we took Mobike and Ofo’s original typography, combining the ‘O’s in the names of both companies into a chain symbol, with gradual color gradient effect.

The merger is like a love affair. If Mobike and Ofo merged,
who knows what kind of ‘chemistry’ it will be?




Direction 3—‘Togetherness’



Similar to the first design direction, this logo explores the original visual codes of both companies, but takes a step further. The name, including the ‘E’ in the word ‘Mobike’ integrated with the first ‘O’ in Ofo, put inside the bicycle wheel, evokes the image of a moving bike. When the wheel spins, it seems like two companies joined forces, but kept their core brand elements intact.

Keep your eyes peeled—these ads might appear in your city soon.

The app look

 Direction 4—’A step into the unseen’



This design direction puts aside the original logos, creating completely new visual codes. Coincidently, both Mobike and Ofo have the letter ‘O’ in their names. For this design we took the two “O”s in orange and yellow, the iconic colours of the two brands, and turned them into a shape, resembling a bicycle. A cute Chinese name adds a final touch.

This could be the new app look.

This logo might even make its way into an ‘emoji pack’
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