BIC is the world's largest manufacturer of disposable lighters. The company first introduced its
disposable lighter in 1973 and has been committed to product research and development for more than 40 years. With its independent research, patented production technology, and integrated automatic production lines, BIC has always made safety a top priority. BIC is popular in France, Europe and around the world for its high quality, reliable safety, and affordability.
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Analysis and Positioning

BIC, a global leader in lighters, is famous for its well-known products quality. In China, however, it didn’t enjoy the same popularity and was not able to effectively compete in terms of price. Therefore, BIC needed to elevate its brand awareness and product competitiveness on the China market.

Leveraging on an extensive market research, PLTFRM developed a new positioning for BIC China, reframing the lighter as a “fashion accessory”. We subsequently designed a number of new product lines, which have been successfully selling in China since 2018.

Product Design

Part of the new collection also focused on BIC’s French origin. For the French food series, we used doodle-like pictures, hand-written fonts and France national colors to bring out “stylish casualness”.

Product Design

Iconic French: combining the most popular French elements with vibrant colors and striped backgrounds, this series highlights the origin of the brand, while reflecting the nreewed more “fashionable” positioning.

Packaging Design

With online sales in mind, and considering delivery costs, we developed together with BIC a limited edition series lighters cases presented in a premium packaging.

The result: an eye-catching product design, that further raised the brand awareness and strengthened its competitiveness on the China market.

Digital Research

To better understand user’s perceptions about France, lighter usage and other related topics, we arranged a series of digital quantity researches among selected target audiences in China, Japan and Korea.

The result ensured an insights-based strategy, KV and product design.

APAC Campaign

PLTFRM created a BIC persona and KV to be released in the China, Japan and Korea 2018-2019 campaigns.

The character embodies with light humour the stylish positioning of BIC in Asia.


In order to make their P.O.S more eye-catching and help BIC products stand out in any offline environment, we applied orange, the brand’s main color, in combination with slogans and visual elements that created a link between its French origin and the promise of quality.

Photo Shooting

In line with the new positioning, we applied fashion accessory concept to the product shooting as well. These photos helped us to extend the brand image from product, offline retail to online store.

TMALL online store

We fully re-designed BIC's China official e-commerce platform with new navigation interface for a better user experience, updating also the look of the store with styled product shots, and ensuring brand consistency.

Page View 193%

Unique Visitor 172%

Volume Sales 177%

Number Of Deals 247%

Time on Page 47%

BIC Stationery

BIC Stationery has always been best-selling product line of the brand. With its long history and reliable quality, BIC Stationery enjoys a good reputation in the overseas market. As a trusted leader in stationery, BIC sells 20.3 million pieces of stationery every day.

Photo Shooting

Entering the Chinese market, BIC encountered similar hurdles for its stationery products. An image re-vamp was necessary to quickly differentiate amongst the fierce competition, and PLTFRM achieved that with unconventional visual approach to BIC products’ display. We gave up the standard usage scenarios in photo, and went for bursting lively colors, with focus on fashionable, young style in every photo, creating “insta-perfect” shots, visually coherent with the new positioning.

JD online store

We fully re-designed BIC's China official e-commerce platform for stationery. Applying UX principles, we changed the navigation interface, and localized the brand story, slogans, product names, and descriptions.


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