PLTFRM at 7th Global Footwear Sustainability Summit

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PLFTRM’s creative strategist Gregory Moulinet attended the 7th Global Footwear Sustainability Summit, sharing the XinTianYuan’s case study. Now a global leader in textile manufacturing, XinTianYuan is a great story of leadership by a young CEO Sun Wei (Paul), turning against all economical odds, a highly polluting business into a sustainable one, ecologically and financially.
When XinTianYuan requested PLTFRM to develop their brand image, the issue was not about, “how to sell more”, but “how to tell their story” to attract the right employee, talent, partner, and investor. PLTFRM suggested to get away from talking about the product they were manufacturing, to focus more on HOW and WHY they were manufacturing it.Using the example of Interface, a modular carpet manufacturer and the late Ray Anderson’s inspiring message as a model, PLTFRM crafted XinTianYuan’s charismatic identity by extracting Paul’s drive and the impact he had on his own company by courageously shifting the conventional textile manufacturing dyeing process to “top-dye”. This shift allowed to save 90% of the waste water and limiting the spewing of toxic chemical into the sewage system. This change in technology did not go smoothly. It took the patience of 3 long years for Paul to see results and reap the rewards of his leadership.By telling this successful story to the leaders of the footwear industry, Greg aimed to demonstrate what it took to become sustainable and how branding and the power of storytelling can amplify a positive dynamic raising ethical principles with a better profit.

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Branding Tips to Strive in Chinese E-commerce Environment

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Retail is the essence of e-commerce

In the concept of new retail, it’s all about efficiency and lowering the cost of attracting new users is one of the key requirements of e-commerce platforms. Over the past 10 years, the arrival of “smart internet era’ and “Internet 3.0” gave plenty of possibilities for e-commerce sector to boom, and new platforms like Chinese brands 3songshu, Suncha, Chahua and others to operate successfully. Nevertheless, Taobao remains the leading e-commerce Platform in terms of overall traffic and sales, so we take it for the analysis in this article.

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Is Your Brand Late for Douyin Marketing Yet?

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You don’t need to follow closely what’s happening in the Chinese digital space to know one of the hottest topics—Douyin. Daily active users breaking 150 million, monthly active users reaching over 300 million, collaboration with Taobao, campaigns by big brands like BMW—the app has been all over the news lately. PLTFRM analyzed what are the next opportunities in Douyin marketing and how brands can use the app for promotion.

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Rules and Habits of a Bilingual Copywriter

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In a world, where everybody seems to have an opinion about writing and think they can do a copywriter’s job better, the struggle is real. Bilingual copywriters, however, maybe try twice as much, as they constantly shift between languages, aiming to bring understanding between different cultures.

At PLTFRM we solve different branding tasks with words: from strategy and core belief, to website, social media content and digital campaigns. Today, we want to share with you some rules and habits that our bilingual copywriters follow, to write effectively in Chinese and English.

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