PLTFRM Branding Seminars, December Series

By January 18, 2018Branding, Marketing Strategy

As a perfect conclusion of 2017, last December PLTFRM held a series of seminars about branding. PLTFRM’s creative director, Gregory Moulinet, shared his expertise on how to engage a tough audience and how to build  a “Charismatic Brand Identity”.

Inception branding: marketing to the tough audience

One of the ‘Branding 101’ concepts is that emotional connection that makes the customers act, and when we try to create a positive inclination towards the brand, emotions work better in most of the communication. This concept doesn’t get old— it explains why recently we’ve seen the rise of ‘走心’ (hyper-emotional) advertising in China, and why the ‘empathetic marketing’ has been a buzzword for several years now.  There’s been a lot of talk about how to connect with your customers, tugging at their heartstrings, but little about creating that emotional connection from scratch. How do you market to the tough audience, putting people with zero awareness about the subject in disposition to learn, and possibly fall in love with your product?

PLTFRM’s creative director Gregory Moulinet was invited to give a lecture on the matter at Istituto Marangoni, one of the most renowned fashion, art, and design schools in the world. The event, organized by Mar_Co – Shanghai Italian Marketing Hub.

With the example of PLTFRM’s work for Wines of Chile Association, Greg gave a lecture about ‘inception branding’, followed by an extensive Q&A session.

The Wines of Chile Association’s promotion efforts stumbled over the fact that Chile was ‘the little-known country’ in China. How do you create an emotional connection, when people know little about the product and almost nothing about its country of origin? Putting the audience in disposition to learn about the country became a starting point of the campaign. PLTFRM used a research company, Dataspring, to fill the knowledge gap, establishing a connection with this distant country in the minds of Chinese consumers. Using a 3-minute video and a quiz about Chile and its wines, we targeted 10,000 Chinese female millennials from Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu. Seventy-four percent of participants answered the quiz accurately, with ‘beautiful’ and ‘fascinating’ being the most used keywords to define Chile.

The 2016 ‘Love Wine, Love Chile’ digital campaign strategically spread across 12 key channels within 3 months, resulting with 92,000,000+ impressions, 10,500,000+ engagements, and acquiring of 50,150+ new fans on Weibo. The campaign also increased by 125% ‘chile’+‘wine’ keywords queries nationwide on Chinese search engine and social media.  Greg also shared the insights of 2017 ‘Love Wine, Love Chile’ campaign, describing the communication matrix PLTFRM used to create content, tailored to different segments of the target audience.

Good brands are created out of the inceptions of ideas in the minds of their customers. As we’ve seen with WOC case, if the information requires a learning effort, when branding work is done right, this information turns into a valuable knowledge. People tend to use it and spread across their communities, shortening the path from ‘getting to know about’ to ‘getting emotional about’ for more and more people who become brand’s customers.

​Charismatic Brand Identity

As China is undergoing a transition from traditional OEM/ODM models to branded products and services, standing out among the fierce competition to attract target audience is one of the most pressing concerns for business owners. What constitutes a brand and how to establish a charismatic one was the topic of PLTFRM creative director Gregory Moulinet’s webinar last December. 
Ether Capital, the host of the “A+社” community with 5,000+ members, became a leader in 1st round start-up investment within 2 years of operation. Last year the company requested PLTFRM help to move their initial brand image to a more mature visual identity while respecting the casual culture of the company. We designed the logo and developed the complete identity system matching the aspirational growth of the company.Ether invited Gregory as a speaker to one of its WeChat webinar sessions, hosted every Thursday on a voted topic of interest to startup owners and VCs. PLTFRM creative director has 20y+ experience in Asia, and during his past 8 years in China, he has been applying a branding concept called ‘Charismatic Brand Identity”. The essence of the concept is to design, define, and develop a corporate or product identity as if it was a person’s identity, to build a connection with the audience at an emotional level.Gregory spoke about this model and the elements defining an identity—the ones we can control like Belief, Attitude, Role, which are shaped by other elements such as— Environment, Culture, or Experience—no-one can directly control with all having an impact determining our reputation (our brand).Therefore, the key steps in creating a brand identity are:

  • Extracting and articulating the brand’s core Belief;
  • Defining the main Attitude aligned with the core Belief;
  • Creating an advantageous Role for the brand in the marketplace.

Gregory further exemplified the ‘charismatic brand identity’ model with PLTFRM’s case studies and went into specific details during the Q&A session.


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