PLTFRM Won in Chinese Trademark Creative Design Contest

By December 6, 2018Branding, Creative Design, Insight
We are happy to share with you, that PLTFRM’s innovative logo redesign for Chateau Lion stood out in nearly 2,000 works, winning a bronze award in Chinese Trademark Creative Design Contest.
Organized by China Trademark Association and CENTV, the contest aims not only to further promote the role of trademark design, but also supports the government’s goals to advocate cultural innovation, enhancing intellectual property creation, protection and usage, as well as elevating nationwide logo design standards.

This competition received nearly 2,000 entries from more than 20 provinces in China. After the preliminary and final review, PLTFRM won the logo design innovation award.

The competition requires redesigning a logo for companies, designated by the organizer, and PLTFRM redesigned Chateau Lion logo.

Chateau Lion (Beijing Lai En Bao Wines LTD) is a Beijing-based company, which applied for a 3A tourist spot in 2017. The chateau is built in simple and elegant style, integrating office, storage, and other facilities designated for sales, wine tasting, wine culture promotion, leisure and entertainment.Here’s the old logo of Chateau Lion.

PLTFRM design team believed that to redesign a logo, small modifications of the existing one would not be enough. Instead, it was necessary to find a new way to grasp the core concept of the brand, showing in particular what differentiates Chateau Lion, employing the power of branding to attract consumers in the fiercely competitive market.To design a new logo of Chateau Lion, PLTFRM team did an extensive research focusing on the site and landscape characteristics of the winery.

Here’s PLTFRM’s logo redesign for Chateau Lion.

The new logo,  simplifies and systematizes the winery’s unique architecture, making it more modern and widely applicable in various occasions. The concise and clear brand recognition will clearly project the overall image of the winery to consumers, and at the same time convey the concept of “home is the castle” of the winery to the greatest extent.

People rely on the senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch) to identify things, and brand logo is the most external, direct, and most powerful part of communication and appeal. It makes the brand image show a sense of exclusivity, and at the same time allows consumers to deepen their trust in the enterprise, which makes it a strong brand asset for the sustainability of the enterprise.

As a brand design and management company, at PLTFRM team we leverage our rich experience in these aspects, and we rely on profound expertise in quantitative and qualitative research methods to provide our customers with innovative branding solutions.

PLTFRM, co-create powerful ideas!

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