Runners Save the World in this Nike’s Ad

What will happen if the Earth stopped spinning? Nike reveals its response in the new ad featuring basketball legend Kobe Bryant, scientist Bill Nye, sprinter Ge Manqi, gymnast Simone Biles and many more.

More than 8 million results pop up, if you search this question in Google and one of the latest responses comes from a book of science explainers What If, by a former NASA employee turned full-time comics writer Randall Munroe. The real answer is that we’d be quickly killed by supersonic winds, but Nike’s version is much less apocalyptic.

When the world stops turning, a crisis to likes of which the planet Earth has never seen, it’s not top scientists who solve the problem, but ordinary running enthusiasts. Starting with one person, the ‘Let’s Go!’ running fever spreads across the world.The idea is to run in the same direction, propelling the planet back to its proper motion. Joined by star athletes, people stop doing whatever they were doing, joining the planetary-scale marathon, so the Earth starts showing the signs of movement…only in the wrong direction. This does not dissuade the runners, who turn back, and do the same thing again

Independent agency Must Be Something and director Edgar Wright created the ad, working with a broad group of athletes representing many different sports and countries. Nike revealed several fun facts about the shooting, for instance the Chinese sprinter Ge Minqi apparently was repeatedly too fast, outrunning the drone tasked with filming her, necessitating multiple takes to capture the footage.

In China, the campaign unveils under the hashtag #世界任我去跑# (The world tasked me to run), and the video already became one of the most commented/forwarded posts on Nike’s Weibo page.Along with online campaign, Nike launched a series of other promotions. In China, the company invited musician Ri Yong-ho, athletes Ge Manqi and Liang Jinsheng to voice-over special editions of trainings in NIKE+ RUN CLUB APP available until April 22nd. In addition, “Choose Go” themed runs by NRC will be held in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, literally taking the motivational campaign slogan to real life.

Although Nike’s ad campaigns are often about the individual empowerment, “Choose Go” has a little different vibe, promoting the collective effort. To this end, Jed Alger, creative director of the agency, explained to AdWeek: “Basically, it’s nothing we don’t already know in our hearts. You do nothing, nothing happens. But if you just act, things can change. And if you act as big group, big things can change. Also, everything feels just a little better when you get out and go for a run”.


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